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by Mark Anthony

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Intro 00:52
(Intro) (1st Verse) Ghettolutionary soldiers, ready to march, Mark is finally ready, but are they for Mark, To blow the market apart? Because I've mastered the art, I am a star in the making, I'm saying it from the start, Everyting I'm saying, I'm saying it from the heart, 'cos, Heartbreak and agony made me so hard, yes, And I'm so traumatized, I'm so scarred, And that's why my demeanor is so calm, Because I penny the snakes and the haters going against the grain, Defamation of character whenever you say my name, In any conversation, it's nothing for me to play the game, I see you put your soul up for sale, 'cos you're chasing the fame, Listen, I'm on the paper-chase, trying to pave the way, For the youngers, the passion and desire is here to stay, I'm on another level, I'm stepping up in a major way, Because I know the haters are waiting for me to fade away. (Chorus) Forever heavily armed, and ever-ready for arms, Ghettolutionary, military 5 stars, Revolutionary, there's nobody like Mark, Anthony the 2nd, I'm ahead of you by far! Forever heavily armed, and ever-ready for arms, Ghettolutionary, military 5 stars, Revolutionary, there's nobody like Mark, Anthony the 2nd, I'm ahead of you by far! (2nd Verse) Revolutionary, Ghettolutionary Soldiers, I got these industry breddas looking over their shoulders, For Blazin', the microphone controller, I stand firm, and I refuse to roll over. Red, Green, and Black, the people's army, Call me the post-millenium Marcus Garvey, Yes! Malcom X, Robert Nesta Marley, 'Nuff o' dem say I'm young, stubborn, and foolhardy, But they can't stop me,listen, I'm on a mission, Spittin' revolutionary lyricism with precision, I'm sick and tired of all the monotonous repetition, The Revolution is coming, it's time to make a decision, Are you down for the liberation of the people? Ready to fight for the right to be seen as an equal? To fight for the children, the old and the feeble? Fire fi di Bear, and di Lion,and di Eagle! (Chorus) (Outro)
The Truth 03:28
(Intro) Stop being so naive, now I see that 'Nuff of the familiar faces I see, Everyday, are selling the yay for the police, Tell me, Why is it so difficult to believe, 5-O provide the High Road with drugs? And you blame guys you stereotype as thugs! Now a gun wid a likkle red light and slugs Can end the beef or send me to Wormwood Scrubs, But what drives me barmy is, those who hardly Know the details prevail to blame Yardies and, Black Music for leading people astray, guns, drugs, But they're cussing the Government same way? Nah! It don't sound right! I'm telling you, brother, It's one or the other, You need to hear what you sound like. Somebody looking in from the outside, Who isn't struggling to survive in the Southside. Matches and candles, cooking without lights, Nowadays when I'm dreaming, all I'm seeing is Pound signs (£) As long as you want yours, I ain't leaving without mine, The 'hood is just a monopoly board without dice. Fuck you AND your Degree! I ain't feelin' you, Telling me go to University, like I'm a heediot, When I graduate, employment isn't immediate, Either I'm "over-qualified" or I need "more experience". There you go, big Degree or P.H.D., But no J-O-B though, So I need no (nah) No advice from a naive negro to curb my ego. Listen, I won't say it 'cos you're educated, Blood, it's 'cos you underestimated, The power of a system that locks us out Of decent jobs, if we shot, they lock us down. C.I.D. can't wait to shut me down, Meanwhile, the M.E.T. hunt me down, And killers from over The River wanna gun me down, Survive or die in Southside London Town. Fuck the police! Upholding which laws? They CAUSE the beef and ignore the street wars, Walkin' 'round like supreme overlords, And when it's war, quick to call reinforcements. Wanna convince me of their importance, Brain washing the youth, creating orphans, Giving us table scraps in biscuit portions, This ridiculous predicament needs sorting, quick! We're being enslaved by all sorts of pricks, Charging interest on loans and mortgages. And we're being controlled by all of this, Sick to death I can't take much more of this. It's that deep, I'll take a backseat, My People come first, My People have needs, I'm a Black seed, a warrior, that's me Sick to the back teeth of the powers that be, cah I wanna open the eyes of The People! Uncover the Government lies to The People! Rise and join the front line and finally expose, The Devil in Disguise to the People! Nah! Never surrender my fight for The People! I'll struggle and fly the flag high for The People! Push come to shove I'll die for My People! Gladly sacrifice my life for The People! (AdLibs) (Outro)
See Me Rise 02:50
(Intro) (1st Verse) I have a youth to feed, that's why I'm on the road, Appearances can be deceiving, believe me, I should know, Judging by what you see on the surface, you would never know, About the pain and the suffering lurking deep within my soul. 'Cos I've had enough-my cup runneth over until it overflows, Regurgitating flows over rhythms until I overdose, Delivering killer lyricism until I'm comatose- Until the Babylonian system is overthrown. The younger generation is over-exposed and overgrown, Influenced by the media, but then again, I suppose, If you don't know any better, that's how the story goes. And if the truth be told, I know I shouldn't smoke weed or drink liqour, But when I'm buzzin' I'm in the zone, Dropping that knowledge for everybody in the 'hood to know, If only you had been willing to read a book you would've known And you can tell I mean what I'm saying, you feel it when I flow. (Chorus) See me rise, from the ashes of the fire, Cah, the passion and desire inside of me never dies, The light I carry inside of my heart will shine bright, Illuminating the sky on perilous dark nights! (I said) See me rise, from the ashes of the fire, Cah, the passion and desire inside of me never dies, The light I carry inside of my heart shine's bright, Illuminating the sky on perilous dark nights! (2nd Verse) I said, see me rise, from the ashes of the fire and bounce back, Stronger than ever, forever aspire to be the greatest alive, There's no mistaking my rhymes for anybody else's I'm way ahead of my time, forever deh pon ah grind. I'm riding on the money train until the end of the line, And hanging out on the corner until the end of the night, Still I'm wondering why, I'm on a rocky road when I'm reading all of the signs, But am I reading them right, In order to be able to decipher the meaning of life? Enlightened, the very essence of my being is I, Your frightened, blind, unable to see through the light, Covering up your lack of self-esteem with meaningless lies, Your on a meaningless hype, that's why i reach for the stars, you only reach for the sky 'Nuff o' dem are licky,licky, becoming greedy and die, And my slice of the pie is all I need to survive. (Chorus) (Outro)
(Intro) (1st Verse) 5'10", skintone the colour of E&J, I see you and me fumbling between the sheets for days, Day and night, for days on end, Until days become weeks, midweek to weekend. Now, the long weekend is a weekly event, Baby, I'm doing me, I refuse to pretend, To be anybody for she, 'cos I'm international, please, Born South of The River, but raised overseas. I ain't a regular bredda, dis ain't a regular ting, Stamina fi di ramina, ready whenever, ya dig? After we move along, you'll be happy to reminisce, Over numerous bottles of Henny and many a spliff. Never say never, but I'll NEVER nyam a kitty kat, Baby, to be honest, I never really been into that, But I promise to keep it real, never lie, just the facts, Just relax, and I'll put it on you, until your lungs collapse. (Chorus) 'Cos I'm feelin' kinda horny, as I look in my phonebook, And see your number, wid your picture beside it, Don't try to lie or deny it, Deep down inside, I know you're dying to ride it Baby, I'm feelin' kinda horny, as I look in my phonebook, And see your number, wid your picture beside it, Don't try to lie or deny it, Deep down inside, I know you're dying to ride it. (2nd Verse) Overly scintillating, leave you hyperventilating, I know you been patiently waiting and anticipating, Me scraping out your belly when I'm penetrating, When mi deh pon di road and you're all alone, I know that your body is aching. Listening to my baritone over the phone will leave you masturbating, You're baby-fada is hating (why?) 'cos he doesn't get any ratings, When he knows that it's loving your craving, everyday him deh pon ah lay ting, When you're at home and feeling alone, just pick up the phone and holla at Blazin' And I'll be there in a heartbeat - real fast, To give you sumn to make your heart beat, real fast. I'm a G, star. Betta believe, please, Don't try and take me for some kinda chief, cah, I say what I please with a blatant disregard, Of any criticism, and I deliver my speech hard, You know it's Bang Bang Blazin' from around the way, And I'm droppin' dem one-away, straight-from-the-street bars! (Chorus) (Outro)
(Intro) (Chorus) (Richard Roe's Verse) (Chorus) (Blazin's Verse) Hey, Richie, what's happenin', family, what's happenin'? Blazin', I'm fiery hot, crispy cracklin', Haters wanna shackle me up, rugby tackle me, but, I'm not having it, nope, it's not happening. Look-I ain't a wrestler, I ain't tryna grapple him, Hassling me when I'm packin' a mac and I'm clappin' him, Grey matter scattering, brain splattering, For overly chit-chattering, leave him stiff as a mannequin. None of his boys are backin' him, everybody is panicking, Running, except for one, I can see the asthma attacking him, Until I step through, step in his sternum and flatten him, Platinum chain dangling, now the youngers are jackin him, Smackin' him up, slappin' him until his brain's rattlin', Cranium cracked open, hopin' I don't strangle him, 'Cos you'll be lucky if you only catch a battering, For trying to be nosey and askin' me: "What's happening?" (Chorus)
(Intro) (1st Verse) You know who I am, know who I rep-don't ever step to me, I'll bury your whole set, trust me Blazin' from Dirty South-West, the career killer. Kill a career, lay it to rest cah, You're too ex-up, and to avoid getting your head bus', It takes more than a vest, blood. Open your chest up, so, when you stuck, Don't be a hero, struggle and get messed up. I spit da clip and rip your string vest up, Front page news, I move "Extra!-Extra!" Dark when I bark a 12-Guage, protect your neck! Hit the deck! Rudeboy, I stepped up. Be easy, speak and get swept up. I need monopoly money, like Alliance & Leicester. Gyal ah request and O.G.s respect us. I brang your career to a close when I crept up. (Chorus) Blazin' from Dirty South-West, Blazin' from Dirty South-West, Blazin' from Dirty South-West, L-O-N-D-O-N, The Borough of Lambeth! (It's) Blazin' from Dirty South-West, Blazin' from Dirty South-West, Blazin' from Dirty South-West, The career killer, kill a career, lay it to rest! (2nd Verse) Lemme tell you why I rely on I only, At the same time i ride for homies, cah, I might never get signed by Sony, Whether I'm with my clique or by my lonely. Sick wid it, so chicks wanna ride my pony, 25 with a flow that's Holy,"Hallelujah!" South-West, for the fakes and phonies: Step back, 'cos you do not know me. Lets go! You're just a challenger, furthermore, your an amateur, Plus, I know I can handle ya, so I'll probably damage ya, Blood, I never panic, already loading a 'matic, Like heroin to an addict, your chasing the dragon! I bodybag-em-up, freeze, toe tag-em-up, Any back-chat, I cock back the mag-a-num. You "Talk the talk", but when you try "Walk the walk", You'll find your body outlined with chalk. (Chorus) (3rd Verse) Look at the level I deliver my grammar on. You're looking nervous, I'm watching you get your stammer on. And I've got enough stamina for the marathon, The ladies wanna know where the hell I get my stamina from. But I'm letting you know, that when I get in the zone, Blood, I ain't petting the chrome, hammer the lead in your dome, I'll let the weapon explode and tear the flesh off your bones, Even though I wouldn't deliberately step on your toes. My flow's A-Class, wannabes wanna bite my style, To sound familiar, but it ain'it Mark. As soon as the game starts, I'll be declared the winner, 'Cos I'm iller than a military grenade blast Bring a fake-arse artist, I ain't Nas, But I know say Mark will done him in 8 bars, Skate past in a face-mask, let the "Tre' 8" blast, You're body-poppin' like Turbo in "Breakdance". (Chorus) (Outro)
(Intro) (Chorus) (Pitt's Verse) (Chorus) (Blazin's Verse) Hey, listen I got da (got da) bangers (bangers) for da road, Bang Bang Boogie packin' a fiery flow, And I don't bop, I carry a swagger when I stroll, So da enemy ah penny mi when mi deh pon di road, And I don't pose wid a burner 4 show, If you see me wid it, I'm about to be clappin' da chrome, Like an earthquake, making you shake, rattle, and roll, Snap, crackle, and pop, pop goes da chrome, And I roll wid a red-nose pitbull, bitch, You must be lookin' a knuckle sandwich, I give dem a fistful, Young, black, wid issues, won't pet to diss you, In case you didn't understand me I'm making it crystal- Clear, better beware, 'cos I'm prepared wid da pistol, Splatter your grey matter from Brixton to Bristol, And I'm spittin' wid da Pit, bitch, better get to know (know) Bang Bang Blazin', bangers for da road! (road!) (Chorus)
Desperado 03:01
(Intro) (1st Verse) Bang Bang Blazin' I'm raising the bar, bicah, The wordplay is razorblade sharp. I'm highly advanced, a planet among stars, From another galaxy, far beyond Mars. Intergalactic flows, I go hard on a beat, Then I pull it together like Mozart, No chance of a comedy show, so don't laugh Don't start runnin' it up, thinking I won't spark you, Or see me swinging the ting, hoping I don't blast you, I'm quick to blast your rass and walk past you, Body in a plaster-cast, don't be daft, I'm a vampire slayer, I slew Nesferatu. Desperado! My soldiers march In the rain, sleet, or snow for shows when I pass through. Stay patient, I'm finding it hard to. I stay true to my ebony, chocolate-dark roots. (Chorus) (Hey) Say hello to the bad guy, The Dark Knight of the Parkside franchise, Mark is a shark, I'll leave your boat capsized, Downtown Soul on a track, betta act right! (Yeah) Swagga Dagga Don Marco, Bang Bang Barbeque, fiery charcoal, Parkside market, the southside Marlo Donnie Darko, Downtown Desperado! (2nd Verse) Maximus Rhymus, Optimus Primus, My timing and tightness of rhyming is priceless, No more Mr. Nice Guy, that's enough of the niceness, I am the King, you shall refer to me as Your Highness! 99% of these rap guys are spineless, I lost my mind, I'm sicker than Alzheimer's, Flyer than paragliders, high as a hang glider, Inter-outernational mic rider. Most of these guys can't cope, and don't know the ropes, And nope, I don't roll with outsiders, Only with the dirtiest, murkiest Southsiders, South of the river-click! Bang bang riders. Slicker than Michael Knight in Knight Rider, Quick to slip the tip of my dick up inside ya girl, Don't waste your time, she can't hide, From the Bang Bang Boogie punani chastiser! (Chorus) (Outro)
Bang Bang 02:22
(Intro) (Verse) Bang Bang Blazin', I rep for the Southside, Run up on the inside, and I'm draggin' him outside, You run it up, then I butt him up in the mouth side, Bullet to the headside, body pon da roadside, Wid a quick left, right, smack, 'til your jawbone cracks, Bang, bang - 'til it finally snaps and you end up flat, On your backside, wid a couple of holes, Your boat's getting capsized, Body inna di river, you're getting baptized, that's right! Bang Bang Blazin' isn't da bag-o-chat type. You say you bang bang, you need to get your facts right, See me on the frontline, clutching a big mac tight! And I don't even eat mickey d's But the way I word it together meticulously, Is ridiculously off the chain, as I ready, aim, Fire the flame as I grip the machine, Rubber grip wid a beam, tucked up in between, My hip and my jeans, creep up on the scene, Honestly, I'm on a mission, I'm seeking the cream, I'm out on the grind as you peacefully dream, Exchanging the slugs in the heat for the cheese, Please, don't test me, I'm eager to squeeze, Believe me, quick-time, disappear from the scene, I'm easy, better believe, I rep for my team! Rubber grip clappin', murders and kidnappings, In the same day, I'm in Sainsbury's looking for nappies. I'll break the law to be sure my daughter's got food to eat, Nappies on backside, clothes on back, shoes on feet. Seperate the strong from the weak and remove the neaks, Wid a gun that'll bun up your gums and remove your teeth. I see you in street, looking over like: "Who is he?" Bang Bang Blazin', yes, and I refuse to be, The same as my Father, who would much rather be, On a crackpipe at night, then looking after me, Your own pickiney, sickening little bastard, I wanna blast your rasclart, leave you plastered. (Outro)


“Ghettolutionary” is a Mark Anthony's first fire-fuelled project where, taking the alias Blazin', he speaks candidly on society’s ills, featuring production from 0584, Beat Thief, Spectral and Badself Ent. With razor-sharp wordplay, articulate delivery, and thought-provoking subject matter evident throughout the 10 tracks, it serves as an excellent introduction to this talented emcee.


released October 2, 2010

(this release features original production only - hear the 6 mixtape tracks streaming here - bit.ly/9vVLtv)

Vocals - Mark Anthony
Producers - 0584, Beat Thief, Spectral, Bad Self
Guests - Richard Roe, Pitt


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