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Introduction 00:25
HOOK I, I don't wanna make you cry I just wanna make you smile Tell me what you have inside Can you tell me that you're happy I, I don't wanna make you cry I really wanna make you smile I really wanna take you high and I can see it in your eyes Verse 1 (iLLvibe) Smile, let the light fill up through you soul till it burst out bright, ill life's uphill and stress might kill and hate trust will, you're blessed life will not stop shinin' and smilin' my one joy spread you remember what illy the young boy said look at you cuz you knew it was true start just smilin' cuz it's soothin' to do endorphins kick in, feel good when you're lookin' at me I'm proud to see you're grown and you're lookin' happy better for, the battles that you met before and more intelligent than give yourself the credit for and the fact that you're still standing is the very testament to how strong you can build, man bring both sides closer, I won't play cool smilin' all the while I only wanna make you... smile HOOK Verse 2 (Non Applicable) Smile, I think that you deserve to via what you've seen and what you've been through I feel you should take a little time to check yourself and realize that you are truly divine and you define you, and what you stand for and cuz I know you I can tell you you should stick to plans more and leave the negative alone, you don't need it and anything is possible if you can conceive it I look at you sometimes and I get slightly upset capable of so much but you ain't comin' up... yet I'm not being disrespectful, I do respect you plus I love you so I'm askin' you what's the next move? you got a beautiful soul and a wonderful brain you need to utilise these aspects, not just your frame you're a brilliant being, start being brilliant strong, open-minded, humble, resilient and smile HOOK Verse 3 (L.S.) Days where I find it, as I'm reminded it's been some time and damn it been on mind with the hands of the time as it's granted ours to stand with the plan and expand the love see it's all in our hands and evolve in us be the heart in the man and the soul is touched been apart for a min but there's always us I hear it callin' again like I know it would And when I feel you, I can see thru the lens of my soul and it ends on the road when I'm lookin' in your eyes and I'm talkin' with a smile only thing that's pushin' is the hidin' of desires time to rise as the signs align I see you smile and cry you be the child inside me livin' life altho time is flyin' you givin' life as your smile inspires me HOOK x 2
Home Again 03:39


Cafe Jass is the story of one hell of a night, the night iLLvibe, L.S., Beat Thief and friends played a small jazz club in downtown AnyVille. They even managed to rope in Richard Pryor to do a routine, for probably one of the greatest live nights the city's ever seen.

Magically restored by our top technicians in glorious dualvision superdooperwide stereo, although the club has long since boarded up, this record stands as a testament to one of Anyville's legendary live venues and the artists who played it.


released March 16, 2012

conceived after iLLvibe and LS met up with Beat Thief in London whilst on their guerilla tour of Europe in August 2010 - they recorded 5 songs at the time, of which 4 appear here, and completed this project over the web in the 18 months since.


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soulful hip-hop.

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